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Realistic Risk Management and Balance Sheet Protection

Cowens Risk Solutions - The Philosophy

We understand that you know your business and know how to produce a profit. Our sole aim is to help you protect your business and assets as completely as possible and reduce the risk faced.

This can be achieved by providing you with the tools, support and resources to protect your balance sheet, so that you can continue to succeed. We don’t impose solutions on you or supply generic plans, every company is different - what we do is provide assistance and support to achieve your goals.

After all, threats to your business come from many areas, not all of which can be insured. We desire to help you identify these areas and supply the tools to develop a realistic Risk Management Program and protect your business

Health & Safety, Environmental

Fire & Theft protection & prevention

Business Continuity

Risk Management - dictionary

Whats that mean?

We have built what we believe is one of the most comprehensive online Risk Management dictionaries there is.

Stuck for a definition, click “more” or use our site search.

Survey support & advice


Quite simply Risk Management has two parts;

  1. It is the structured process used to identify all the possible risks and threats that could be harmful and costly to your business.
  2. It is then taking the most appropriate measures to eliminate, minimise or reduce those risks and threats.

In order to have an effective Risk Management system in place, a risk analysis needs to be completed to fully identify and understand what risks and threats you might face in your organisation.


Your business is exposed to a complex range of risks, that is just the nature of being in business. To be assured of Survival Capability, once these risks are identified, they must be understood, controlled or engineered out..

For your more obvious risks such as Employers and Public Liability, Fire, Theft and so on, insurance can be arranged to protect you.

However there is a lot more to risk management than transferring the risk.


Helping you to protect your balance sheet.

Managing risk isn’t about a policy in a desk drawer, it’s about resilience and mitigating risk.Our range of effective risk management solutions means your business can turn threats into opportunities and become more robust. We recognise you are unique and will work with you to produce a tailor made suite of products and services to match your needs.

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