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Flexible health and safety solutions

Our business began by recognising that we needed to offer more than risk transfer, and understanding that our clients required a full-service risk management consultancy solution. Managing risk isn’t just about a policy in a desk drawer, it’s about future proofing your business and mitigating the risk it may face, ultimately making it more robust.

Simon Fabian founded the business on the values that remain true to us today; to provide a flexible approach to identifying threats, minimising risk and improving compliance. We’ve always been led by our clients regarding our involvement. We are not here to impose systems or recommend solutions where they are not needed; we are here to help and support you in identifying the right risk management programme for your business.

Risk management involves the structured process used to identify all the possible risks and threats that could harm your business, taking the most appropriate measures to eliminate or minimise them. Initial risk analysis needs to be completed entirely to understand the risks you might face in your organisation. Once these risks are identified, they must be recognised, controlled or engineered out.

We intend to always be flexible in our approach. If you require a full on-site review, we’re there; if you want some advice over the phone, we’ll be more than happy to assist. We can also help you source specialist solutions from our trusted handpicked partners, receiving exclusive pricing incentives too.

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