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5-Tier Survey Service

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The Cowens Risk Solutions team are fully qualified to deliver practical, thorough advice on all aspects of Fire, Security, Health & Safety management and all other issues of risk control.

We recognise that not every business requires the same involvement, which is why we’ve developed a 5-tier solution designed to offer varying levels of support and review to strengthen your existing risk control program.

Full Survey

This survey is carried out to identify any issues surrounding Fire, Security and Health & Safety within your business. The investigation typically takes around two hours and includes a general brief and fact find interview.

Following the survey, you will receive a confidential report, detailing any issues or defects in priority, including our suggestions for remedying the situation. You will be advised as to why there is an issue, be it a breach of legislation, insurance policy warranty or merely good practice.

Documentation Reviews

A thorough process that takes around a day to complete, involving a full survey and inspection of all your Health & Safety and Fire Risk Assessment documentation to ensure compliance. A final confidential report will be supplied to you upon completion for your review.

Snap Inspections

This involves a shorter inspection of your premises and is intended as a review and maintenance tool following a survey or documentation review. The inspection can also demonstrate to employees that an external analysis of your business premises is being carried out.

Snap Inspections assist in the maintenance of procedures and controls, offering a fresh perspective, which can often quickly identify any issues and be used to follow up on risk improvements.

This inspection usually takes around 30 minutes and will be followed by an on-site verbal review or a letter detailing any issues.

Insurers Survey Support

Receiving a visit from your insurer’s surveyor can be a daunting prospect. With our support and guidance, it needn’t be, we’re here to assist in making the survey quicker and more complete and steer you through the process.

Cowens Risk Solutions offer qualified support and will happily negotiate with the insurance company surveyor on your behalf if you require.

Warranty and Condition Review

This is a service that is seldom offered by other insurance brokers. We will come to your site and do an entirely insurance based survey ensuring that you fully comply with all of the small print contained within your insurance paperwork. We offer this service as we appreciate that you probably do not have the time to read through every paragraph of your insurance policy.

If we find a breach (which we frequently do) we will discuss the breach with you and help you decide whether you can comply with the one size fits all wording insurers have imposed. If compliance is impractical we will propose revisions to the policy to make them fit your current risk control arrangements.

This process will give you the peace of mind that your policy will actually operate in full in the event of an incident.

Our 5-tier approach has helped hundreds of businesses identify underlying risks that could impact their survival. Talk to our team today about the inspection that’s right for you.